I’m not a farmer but I play one on TV!

What’s the deal with celebrity endorsements of issues they don’t understand? It never ceases to amaze me how gullible these people can be. Take for example this article on ecorazzi.com. All these “celebrities”, including the very balanced Bill Mahr and the long time faux leather wearing Bob Barker, have signed on a letter with Farm Sanctuary supporting the “Tail Docking Bill”.

I am a California dairy farmer and I also support the bill. Tail docking is a practice that was experimented with 10 years ago or so to see if there would be a benefit to milk quality. It was soon discovered there was no advantage to the dairy farmer, the cow, or the milk so the practice soon ended.

This bill simply bans a practice that is pretty much not a practice at all. One thing people need to realize is that a dairy farmer’s livelihood is dependent on the cows. If the cow is not happy, healthy, well fed, and clean, she won’t produce milk. We have many reasons to treat our animals with the utmost care.

I would bet we treat our cows as well or better than most of these “celebrities” treat their pets. One thing is for sure, we treat our animals better than some of these “celebrities” treat the hard working families that produce their food.

It just irks me that these radical vegans with socialist agendas spread myths and propaganda about the practices used by hard working family farmers. The fact that there isn’t a single dairy organization in California opposing this bill, yet Farm Sanctuary is politicizing the issue should be proof enough. They don’t want us to change our ways, they want us gone, as noted by a comment on ecorazzi.com:

VeggieTart, September 24, 2009 at 12:32 pm

I’d rather see the dairy industry END, but this is a good start.

And Bill Maher has been very critical of the culture of cows’ milk consumption on his show.

What the heck is this? I guess what this person wants is malnourished children, osteoporosis in women, no more ice cream, cheese, yogurt, or butter. I suppose eating processed soy sludge patties all your life is good for some people but not for me and 99% of the rest of America.

Bob Barker & Bill Mahr, “come on down” to my dairy farm and I will show you a slice of reality in “real time”. We can all sign on to a letter together supporting the hard working families that feed you.

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