Giacomazzi dairy featured on new TV reality show

The Giacomazzi dairy in Hanford is featured in a new reality TV series that premiered Oct. 28 on the Lifetime channel. The premiere episode of the Fairy Jobmother was filmed in Hanford and focuses on a young couple on welfare. Career specialist Hayley Taylor helps them see how their bad habits have pushed them into a financial slump. The couple goes to the Giacomazzi dairy where Dino Giacomazzi puts Shawn and Michelle Aughe to work in the office and out in the stalls. You can view the episode online by clicking here. The Giacomazza segment appears after the second commercial. Oct. 29, 2010

Click here to watch: To skip forward to the segment featuring the dairy click the #2 at the bottom of the video screen.

One thought on “Giacomazzi dairy featured on new TV reality show

  1. I liked what I saw. I am also a 4th generation dairy farmer, from Penn., I am looking for work. You wouldn’t have to train me…much. I thought you were charming,and so were your cows. They looked so happy, and healthy. Are they all Jerseys?

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