Dino’s Daily Dose – Day 9 – What’s the difference between organic and regular milk?

This question comes from a B-52 bomber pilot. If there is anyone who should be drinking a lot of milk it would be bomber pilots. Lack of calcium can sometimes manifest itself in something resembling male menstruation. The last thing we need is a bunch of PMSing macho men flying around with nukes going haywire. So Butch, thanks for the question and keep drinking milk!

This post is going to be a little different. I am going to do sort of an “Inception” thing. You know, a dream in side a dream inside a dream. But rather than dreams in this case it is going to be a blog. My friend Barbara “The Dairy Goddess” Martin sells cheese at farmers markets and has a lot of experience talking to people about the differences between organic and conventional/progressive/regular/really good for you milk. So I am going to include her blog post here.

Barbara also referenced a blog referencing a study on the physical differences between organic & conventional milk. I will include that too. Confusing enough yet?

My simple two cents on the subject is this. I like the fact that Americans have choice. I think having options like organic is good for our industry. There is no measurable difference between organic and conventional milk, therefore the decision to spend more money on organics is a lifestyle choice, not a health decision.

My cows are treated as well or better than organic cows. When they get sick, I treat them like I would treat my own son. I assess their ailment and apply the treatment most beneficial to the cow. Many times that includes giving her, “gasp”, antibiotics. How many of you would not give your child antibiotics if they got sick? Once a cow is treated with antibiotics her milk is not sold. It is kept on the farm to feed the calves or disposed of. Before the cow can return to giving milk to humans her milk is tested for antibiotics. We do this because my cooperative tests every tank of milk I deliver to them for antibiotics. If there is any trace of the stuff, my milk gets dumped and I don’t get paid. Think I have an incentive to not let antibiotics get into the human food system?

That’s all from me for now.

Here is the link to the Dairy Goddess Blog

and here is the link to the Dairy Advisor blog

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