Dino Giacomazzi is a 4th generation dairy farmer and almond grower from California.

The following article was written by Andy Rieber and published in “On The Land” a publication of the Sand County Foundation.

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  1. Hi Dino,

    My name is Ogi from FirstSiteGuide and when I was on your site I saw that you are linking to Posterous website which is no longer active. The broken link is on this page: http://dinogiacomazzi.com/2009/05/dinos-twitter-tutorial/

    We all know that Posterous went down in 2103. Since I was a great fan of it, I tried writing a post on its rise and fall. You can read it here:

    I hope you will like what I wrote and find it useful enough to offer it to your readers instead of the broken link you currently have there?

    Be in touch!

    p.s. you can find your broken link by searching for this phrase: Posterous

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