University of California has New Strip-tillage Online Publication for Farmers

Last Updated: February 23, 2009 Related resource areas: Dairy, Organic Agriculture “Our current emphasis on tillage in conventional and organic food production systems is focused on the development and evaluation of management techniques that require less horsepower or fuel consumption, reduce in-field time, build soil structure and are applicable to farms of all sizes,” a…

Dairy producers seek answers to economic crisis

Ag Alert Issue Date: April 8, 2009 By Ching Lee Assistant Editor Faced with wild price swings and an increasingly unstable market, California dairy producers, processors and business leaders convened last week in Modesto to discuss how they can best meet domestic and global market demands through innovation and development of value-added products.

Global warming could impact local ag industry

By Seth Nidever Kings County’s $1.7 billion-a-year ag industry could be in for tough times, if predictions in a recent University of California climate change report come true. The report on global warming, announced last week, forecasts reduced snowpacks, less water available for agriculture, saturation of the air with carbon dioxide, more fertilizers needed…

Dairy farmers pleased with drop in ethanol prices

Dairy farmers pleased with drop in ethanol prices By Seth Nidever Ethanol producers facing the current depressed market yearn for the good old days when demand was high. But dairy producers who watched their feed prices soar during the corn-based ethanol boom are relieved there is less call for the clean-burning fuel additive.

Dairy operators may look, not buy at Expo

Dino Giacomazzi, who runs a dairy on Sixth Avenue, east of Hanford, said he had never heard of a system like that.

Giacomazzi said his workers monitor milk cows the old-fashioned way — by immediate contact.

“They see their faces. They watch them walk,” he said. Giacomazzi said he already uses Silostop, the siliconized tarp, on his silage piles.

Hanford farmer Dino Giacomazzi honored for conservation tillage innovation

Hanford farmer Dino Giacomazzi honored for conservation tillage innovation Dino Giacomazzi. (See end of release for high-resolution version.) Dairy farmer Dino Giacomazzi, who heads up the Giacomazzi Dairy in the same Hanford location where it was established in 1893, has been presented the Conservation Tillage Farmer Innovator Award for 2009 by the University of California…

Experts show farmers the future is methane Modesto Bee By JOHN HOLLAND last updated: March 08, 2008 01:44:47 AM It might not be as pretty as windmills spinning on a hillside or solar collectors gleaming in the sun, but cow manure could be part of the renewable energy future. This week’s convention of Western United Dairymen in Modesto featured experts…